A particular type of authenticity

Growing up in small town Appalachia I was surrounded by a maker culture, always looking forward to the local festivals where artisans would bring their wares to market. This was before the word “virtual” really meant anything. If I could go home with something I could hold in my hand I was a happy kid. Even as a child, I inherently understood and appreciated the value of something that didn’t come off a factory assembly line.

Well, my appreciation has only grown over time.

Casual Script began as an exploration of hand lettering and typography, and has evolved into the design and creation of type-centric, hand crafted goods. Our aim is to incorporate the art of hand lettering and type design into beautiful, hand crafted every day things.

Jason Prater

Designer / Hand Letterer / Illustrator



Memphians, we wear our heart on our sleeves. Now wear your civic pride front and center with this exclusive custom hand lettered design.


SINGLES – $25 / SETS – $100

Rest your cold beverage of choice on something worthy of grandma’s priceless antique credenza with these hand thrown, glazed, and fired ceramic coasters.



You know that denim jacket is long overdue for for an accessory upgrade. Rep your city in black and gold with this custom hand lettered design.